Glen Nevis

River Nevis

Snow in Glen Nevis

Snow in Glen Nevis

ImageRiver Nevis above Lower Falls

River Nevis above Lower Falls

ImageRiver Nevis frozen

River Nevis frozen


The source of the River Nevis is deep in the remote Mamore mountain range. The catchment of the River Nevis includes some of the country’s highest mountains. Numerous fast-flowing burns run down the steep slopes to the bottom of the glacial valley through which the Nevis flows. The hills are largely covered in heather moorland, though there has been extensive planting of non-native conifers along the length of the glen. The flatter land close to the river has been improved for cattle
grazing and there is well-developed broadleaf woodland along the banks.

Fish species present include salmon, trout (both brown and sea), eels and flounder. The Nevis has historically been fished for salmon and sea trout. Both stocks collapsed during the late 1990s and though salmon numbers have shown signs of sustained recovery, sea trout remain rare on the river. Fishing is available on the Nevis, day tickets can be purchased from the Rod & Gun (Fort William High St).

Glen Nevis is a popular tourist attraction and the river and its banks are regularly used by canoeists, walkers and cyclists.

Lochaber Fisheries Trust