River Morar hydro

River Morar

Sunset over Loch Morar

Sunset over Loch Morar

ImageMorar hydro dam in high water

Morar hydro dam in high water

ImageRiver Morar from the railway bridge

River Morar from the railway bridge


The Morar catchment includes Britain’s deepest loch and shortest salmon river. Loch Morar descends to over 300m and contains salmon, sea trout, brown trout, Arctic charr and uncorroborated reports of Nessie’s cousin, Morag. Numerous burns feed the loch and provide important spawning areas for trout. Larger tributary rivers, notably the Moeble, Scamadale and Allt an Loin, are used by spawning and juvenile salmon. All fish migrating from the catchment must pass the hydroelectric dam at the west of the loch, before descending the 400m length of the River Morar to the sea. A counter on the dam records all fish ascending the river and for the past five years a screw trap has been used to estimate the smolt run from the catchment. This information will be used to monitor the health of fish stocks and calculate marine survival rates.

The River Morar supports salmon and sea trout fisheries. Sea trout were historically the most important species on this river, but following the collapse of sea trout stocks on the west coast, salmon have gained greater prominence in the catch records. Loch Morar is fished for brown trout (including ferox), sea trout and occasionally salmon. A protection order regulates fishing on Loch Morar and permits can be obtained from the loch superintendant, Morar motors and Morar boats (who also hire out boats).

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